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Developed, designed and implemented every step of the game development cycle. The Fabled Woods is the first game to market to use Ray Traced Global Illumination and Ray Traced Foliage. (Nvidia Trailer and Blog)  The Fabled Woods was built using the blueprints system available in Unreal Engine. Worked closely with the Razer Chroma team to implement the ChromaSDK. 

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In partnership with Headup Games and alongside Sebastian Nussbaumer, we developed a game from scratch. My role involved programming and design, while Sebastian took charge of level design and scripting. Leveraging the power of Unreal Engine 5, we turned our initial concept into a working demo in less than nine months, illustrating our capacity for efficient, quality game development.

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Gameplay Programmer
Developed and created abilities to use in a multiplayer environment using Unreal Engine 4's Gameplay Ability System.

Lead AI Programmer
Developing custom AI for use in Multiplayer and Campaign modes with C++ and Unreal Engine 4's AI system. Creating unique and efficient solutions for AI efficiency in a multiplayer environment. Developed a modular system for adding more unique characters and abilities.

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How I and other developers with Headup games are using Ray Tracing and DLSS to stand out while also pulling off visuals only known to AAA developers.


I was featured in Razer's first ever Developer Conference showing off Razer Chroma. This video shows off how I was able to use Razer Chroma in Unreal Engine 4 and some of the blueprints I made.

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